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Slim n Lift – tightly fitted Undershirt

RS. 1,000.00


Buy Slim n lift Online in Pakistan at Best Price

No matter how old are you, you are always conscious about your looks. Either female or male, everyone is anxious about their fat on Body. Slim n lift in Pakistan now, for all the men who wants to look perfectly in shape.
Slim n lift in Pakistan , a perfectly fitted soft material, nylon stretchable knit top that adjusts according to your body shape. Inside layer of slim n lift is perfectly knitted that binds your chest, flatten your stomach and press it against your back to keep you in shape.

Sides of Slim n Lift :

The sides of slim n lift feature a spandex technology to make sure that all areas are trimmed and tightly covered in the vest. It has special texture of 12 pressure points over stomach area to keep it in shape. Additional spandex points across the vest, strengthen spandex part on high half of the chest, and cover it to look fit composed. It also keeps backache away from you by protecting your spine. Unlike other product in markets, slim n lift is the most comfortable.

Key Features

  •  Uniquely designed to trim and tighten stomach
  • · Reduces fat with regular wear
  • · Panel firms-up your body and trim off your belly fat for that six packs look
  • · Helps support your back for correct posture
  • · Fits into your favorite shirts or T-shirts comfortably

Size Available: –

  •  S (Chest (Relax: 27cm Stretch: 62cm))
  • Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm)
  • M (Chest (Relax: 34cm Stretch: 76cm)
  • Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm))
  • L (Chest (Relax: 40cm Stretch: 82cm)
  • Total Length (Relax: 58cm Stretch: 145cm))
  • XL (Chest (Relax: 46cm Stretch: 96cm)
  • Total Length (Relax: 60cm Stretch: 153cm))
  • XXL (Chest (Relax: 52cm Stretch: 108cm)
  • Total Length (Relax: 60cm Stretch: 153cm)


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