Hot Shapers Bra

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Buy Hot Shapers Bra at Reasonable Price in Pakistan 

Women wants to lose weight but they don’t tend to follow hard diet routines. They also don’t get time for proper exercising because of their tough schedules. Shopse.pk has a broad range of hot shapers products, hot shapers bra is one of them. hot shapers bra in Pakistan is not only limited to gym or workout, you can easily wear it during the day while doing regular tasks like cooking, washing, cleaning or watching your favorite TV show.

 It works wonder. hot shapers bra in Pakistan is made of neotex material that helps in increasing body’s core temperature. Easy way to lose extra fat from your upper body parts, without any hard effort or tasteless dieting. It looks like simple casual wear cloth. You can wear it underneath your clothes. The neotex fabric helps your body to have more and more sweat. As we all know that the rise of body temperature results in melting of extra fat. Thus, this hot shapers bra in Pakistan is ideal to use during daily activities. The fabric has stretchy strength.

Things to keep in mind when washing hot shapers bra:

  • Hand wash only
  • Do not dry in dryer
  • Do not bleach or iron
  • Do not twist or squeeze
  • Don’t place it under the hot sun


  • It burns calories effectively.
  • Use it during daily tasks like cooking, walking, cleaning or washing
  • Washable material, wash it with hands
  • Don’t put it in washing machine or dryer
  • Ideal to be used during yoga or exercise
  • Removes toxic materials from body
  • Increases body core temperature and melts the extra fat

Product Specifications:

  • Name: Hot Shapers Bra
  • Type: Hot Shapers
  • Material: Neolex
  • Made from: 15% Polyester, 70% neoprene, 15% nylon
  • A High-Quality Product




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